Dinner at Nobu, an Amazing Experience

Last week we were invited to have dinner at the Nobu restaurant at the One & Only hotel by my dear friend Mercy Mwai. I had been there a few times before photographing corporate events, so it was a pleasure to just sit down and enjoy the good food, wine and atmosphere.

The staff at this restaurant are highly trained. Our waiter’s name was Melikhaya Grant Sondezi. The knowledge, confidence and passion shown by Grant is exceptional. Watch this young man, he is going places!

We were greeted with the traditional “Irasshaimase” which translates to Welcome to our home!

I had promised Heather that I would not bring my camera along, so the photographs taken of the dishes are from my mobile phone.

Mercy had selected a grand menu for us, and what a treat it was.

Yellow tail sashimi
6 pieces of yellowtail sashimi dabbed in garlic puree, topped up with jalapeno slices and a coriander leaf to tone down heat of the dish, dressed with yuzu soy.

Salmon new style
9 pieces of salmon sashimi topped up with garlic and ginger, chives and sesame seeds, lightly seared with sesame olive oil dressed in yuzu dressing.

White fish dry miso       
Seabass topped up with red dry miso, garlic chips and chives dressed in a yuzu olive oil

A selection of sushi (California roll, tuna nigiri, salmon nigiri).

Caesar salad
Crispy rice, Parmesan shavings, shrimp tsitaki mushrooms served with yuzu truffle.

Spinach salad
Baby spinach leaves dressed in truffle oil and Parmesan and red dry miso, topped up with crispy leeks

Rock shrimp tempura
Popcorn size tempura shrimp served on a bed of field greens with yuzu dressing served with creamy spicy and butter ponzu on the side.

Chicken and pork tacos

Beef toban yaki
Beef slices mixed with four different Japanese mushrooms, pea shoots, green beans, caramelized onions, flambeed in saki and dressed with yuzu soy.

Pork belly
6 cubes of crispy pork belly sautéed in spicy den miso topped up with butternut puree and red onion.

Cauliflower jalapeno
Cauliflower with jalapeno sauce.

Beef garlic rice
Crispy rice mixed with potatoes with choice of protein and carrots Hijiki.

Lamb Anticucho
Three grilled lamb chops served with a spicy Peruvian sauce.

Macha fondant
Warm green tea infused white chocolate cake with liquid chocolate center, served with passion fruit and kalamanzi on the side.

Tofu tiramisu
Sponge cake dipped in espresso layered with whipped mascarpone and tofu cream, served with vanilla yuzu ice cream dusted with cocoa and sprinkled with toasted white sesame seeds.

Nobu Cheesecake
Baked cheesecake made with American cream cheese, served on a biscuit crumble with a side of strawberry and yuzu sorbet.


Pellegrino Mineral Water
Acqua Panna Sparkling Water

Krone Chardonnay/Pinot Noir 2017
Anthonij Rupert Optima 2013 (Decentered to perfection)

Durbanville Hills Rhinofields NLH 201

Cucumber and litchi saki
Blackcurrent saki

  • Many thanks to Mercy Mwai for inviting us to her stunning restaurant.
  • To Grant Sondezi for making our evening a memorable experience.
  • To the chefs behind the scenes, wow! Your food is exceptional.
  • To Anastacia Julie the restaurant hostess for helping me with the spelling of the menu.